Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 22nd Life Drawing sessions

New life drawings to the February 21st Sessions. I'd concentrated more on quality over the quantity of the poses (since the model was a bit uninspiring although greatly appreciated). It was actually more appealing for her to wear clothes which invoked some storytelling to a static pose and use the environment as a means to extend the personality to the small gesture.
I really miss the life drawing in Canada. I totally realize how lucky we were to have some amazing models who really know how to use their body as an extension of expression and the endurance it takes.
Enjoy the new drawings ^^


KIM said...

hi what's up?

it's so coooooooool!!

i love it!!

I found you first. said...

Hey Kim! Not much!
whats up with you??

Thanks for your comment! Talk to ya soon ^^