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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Metal Gear Wolvine BUB!


Practicing my brush skills.
Whenever I think of brush, I think of the movie Hero, where he's analyzing the one mans brush strokes to define how well he can use his weapon.
I can't recall the word exactly (something either Heaven, Sword, or Warrior)...either way, in order to write this symbol he needs to create an entirely new character at that time.

If anyone knows, let me know yo!

Attack! Defend! Destroy! Protect!

Attack! Defend! Destroy! Protect!

Made for a video game that never existed (at least not yet)
Main Character is Ecko (Kid Chaos) (half Astro Boy Half Megaman!) defending the City under attack!

Many bosses to defeat!
Save the City!
Fully Destructible Environments!