Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Celebrity Caricatures

Tilda Swinton
Like a virgin?
New Moon
My Kenny Vs. Spenny Tribute!
my favorite one so far

Jim Morrison
Pulp Fiction
Sigmund Freud
Robert DeNiro

Here is a separate category for celebrity caricatures
Hope everyone enjoys!
Please leave any thoughts,comments and critiques!!

Cheers! ^^


Andrew said...

love the celebrities, especially nicholson, i also really like Churchill. very impressive stuff

dude said...

I saw this from your link on Kenny Hotz's facebook page - These are REALLY good! Keep up the good work!

Gavin Ball said...

Awesome caricatures Wilfred!

It looks like you doing some cool stuff down there in Korea!

It looks like fun!

Talk to you later,