Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lee Myung Bak

This was another series where I had gotten my kids to draw Lee Myung Bak, otherwise known as the president of South Korea.

This all started with my own caricature of him:
They were thrilled to see the resemblance and so I asked them to draw their own version. I did this with several classes ranging from 8-11 years of age. The younger ones didn't know who he was, and so it began to take over this completely entirely different persona. Lee Myung Bak became anything-the Everyman-and there's something about the perceptiveness of young generations and their own take of Korean culture that I had realized instead of me imposing on them.
I think parents later were worried that I was propagandizing Lee Myung Bak. So this series had to be discontinued. Enjoy nonetheless!

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