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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hooked on Phoenix worked for me! ^^

The final tattoo design for the client.
He has a whole fantasy based theme on his body.
Lets see how this adds to the story elements on his body as the book...


Philip Thomas said...

Too intense man!!! Really cool tattoo. You should take a picture of it when it gets done.

I found you first. said...

Actually I would love to, but some clients are pretty adamant about privacy and having original tattoos, making sure that theres is 100% completely original.
In that case, the original version, they dont want me posting it on any websites or publicly for personal reasons of course. So, I'd like to do several versions so theres something to present.
But it does feel unusual. Making art that no one else is supposed to see? As long as it pays well, I'm grateful.