Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Animation! Guess who it is!

Done in Maya 7. Interesting character to work with. Hope you all enjoy! Comments would be greatly appreciated! ^^

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Duy said...

Hey nice piece. The lip sync and the posing are very nice. I think you could soften the post up at the first "nor do I" by not making his right arm go back and keeping pretty still from the previous line. Then let it connect back into the 2nd "nor do I" and I think the scene will end off better. Right now it seems like the first "nor do I" steals some of the fire from the other acting after it. After that I think I'd just suggest smoothing out some of the wierd floatiness with the hands and head. Probably minor spline work or something. The more still his head is, the more strong he feels in what he's saying I think, but I haven't animated in a long time so I could be wrong about everything. I hope one of the guys animation in the industry can give you some feedback. Search them out! hehe.